A stylish sparkling wine for all occasions from this boutique producer that is rated 4 stars in The Australian Wine Companion by James Halliday.

The perfect balance of rich fruits and complex yeasty characters to support the famous 'pop' on the palate without overwhelming the delicate smokey and lemony characters of the Avruga Caviar.

Soft full flavours abound in a wine with a lifted fresh, vinous and herbaceous aroma.

A perfect food or celebration style produced from selected parcels of fruit grown in the South Eastern areas of Australia


A bottle of Simon Whitlam Sparkling White and a Jar of Avruga Caviar Delivered in Sydney for just $65

Call 9007 5333 to place your order 



Sustainable Caviar from Spain

​$40 per 120gm jar

This new Spanish Caviar is from Herring Roe and some of Sydney's leading Chefs say it tastes even better than the real thing!

More smokey and lemony, but with less of the intense fishy and salty flavours.

Enjoy it on blinis, tuna & cucumber, smoked salmon & egg, sour cream & crackers and let the poor  sturgeon recover.

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 The perfect companion for Avruga Caviar is 

​ Simon Whitlam Sparkling White


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